How is Single Stream Recycling Greater

preventing garage theft in Fort WayneYou may have heard of “single stream”, it is actually a technology which appeared not too long ago, and permits for different elements such as aluminum and also cardboard for example, to stay together inside the exact same bin before they are collected. No longer must private individuals and public sanitation staff sort through lots of trash to get and split various kinds of recyclable components. In single stream recycling, great automated processing equipment does the work for them.


Also called single-sort or perhaps fully commingled recycling, the process of single stream recycling was first performed in California during the late 1990’s. It has after that taken over the entire of America in just one sweep. The country today has about 100 active single stream recycling programs. 22 states at the moment have at least one such program and also these recycling programs serve a collective amount of around 22 million persons.

Stream Recycling Advantages


As opposed to cumbersome and time-consuming manual garbage sorting to retrieve and split a variety of recyclables, citizens may simply place all objects into a single container to await collection.

Minimized collection cost

The garbage resulting from single stream recycling is certainly less disposable. Because of this, municipalities may use single-compartment dumpsters which are going to be easier and therefore less expensive to maintain over time.

The City of Eustis, Florida is seen to have lately transformed to single-sort recycling. Right after doing so, town officials have witnessed a general garbage collect price reduction that equates to $2.14 for every household in Eustis. Much more amazing is actually that this is the pure savings realized even after delivering a lot more than 13,000 new trash and recycling bins to local firms and houses and buying an entire fleet of brand-new automated trucks! (Source:

Single-compartment collection vehicles are able of both, automation and also dealing with larger loads than standard double-compartment trash trucks. This bigger capacity signifies less trips to recycling facilities, which leads to significantly less fuel consumption and futhermore overall cost savings for municipalities.

More efficiency and much better safety for collections

Fully commingled recycling uses an automated collection process which utilizes wheeled cards. Hence, recycling employees may prevent a lot of injuries caused by manual handling of heavy garbage bins.

Resource preservation

Single stream recycling helps conserve rare natural resources since the manufacture of new goods created from materials recycled thus doesn’t demand as many raw materials. In addition, it results in lowered waste inside landfills.

Environmental positive aspects

The hinged lids on single stream recycling collection carts keep dampness far from recyclable materials. The lack of moisture signifies that less materials will be loosened and after that left behind on the streets.

Attention and also desire for recycling

Having to go through one’s trash is certainly an unpleasant task that is quite often the only reason why lots of people who are environmentally-conscientious are not able to recycle. It is simple to say that recycling is actually far more attractive when this particular task is simply removed from the equation.

Inside Minneapolis, Minnesota it was shown by officials that the recycling activity has risen by 63% just because four of the trash-collection routes have been turned in single stream recycling. (Source:

Much more raw materials

By using single stream recycling, a larger number of diverse grades of paper can be recycled. That leads to a dramatic increase in total volume of recyclable materials.

A Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection research illustrates this particular point by discovering that single-stream recycling caused an astonishing 30 percent rise in total number of accessible recyclable materials. (Source:

Final conclusion

In addition to numerous indisputable economical, social, as well as health advantages, single stream recycling is a perfect solution for local communities plagued by public unwillingness to recycle and also those who require far more general waste reduction.

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